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Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8 Program)


The Housing Authority of the Borough of Keansburg currently assists approximately 249 families, senior citizens and persons with disabilities under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Housing Choice Voucher (section 8) Program. This program provides financial assistance to eligible households who rent apartments in the private rental housing market (i.e., the subsidy is tenant-based and moves with the family). The rent subsidy amount (provided directly to the property owner) is based on the difference between the tenant rent portion calculated at 30% the monthly-adjusted income and the lesser of the actual reasonable rent (including utilities) or Payment Standard. Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the initial rent can exceed the Payment Standard, but the tenant must pay that portion above the Payment Standard (up to 40% of their adjusted income).

Waiting List

Sorry Currently KHA’s Section 8 waiting list is closed

The Housing Authority of the Borough of Keansburg does not anticipate opening its waiting list at this time. If and when the KHA opens the waiting list notice will be sent to the local newspapers and various agencies within the Borough of Keansburg will also be notified when waiting list is opened.

If you are currently on KHA's waiting list, please Click Here to check your status. 

(You must enter the Head of Household SSN for the Applicant)

If you are currently on KHA's waiting list, please Click Here to check your status. 

(You must enter the Head of Household SSN for the Applicant)


If you recently applied to the waiting list lottery, you will soon receive a letter via email, or by mail if you did not supply an email address. You can also view your status by entering your social security number in the look up feature below.  If you were chosen in the lottery, you will see a status of Keansburg Resident or Non-Resident. If you were NOT chosen you will see the status of Unchosen Keansburg Resident or Unchosen Non-Resident. 


Move Out Portability Option

The portability option allows Housing Choice Voucher applicants and participants to use their Housing Choice Vouchers outside of Keansburg (i.e., anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands where there is a Housing Authority that can administer the Voucher.

Click Here for Portability Procedures


Payment Standards (Keansburg Only)


0 Bedrm 1 Bedrm 2 Bedrm 3 Bedrm 4 Bedrm 5 Bedrm
$1,529 $1,705 $2,112 $2,871 $3,201 $4,049

Full List of Keansburg Housing Authority - Housing Choice Voucher Program 2023 Payment Standard by SAFMR(Small Area Fair Market Rent) Effective December 1, 2023

Program Integrity

The Housing Authority of the Borough of Keansburg ensures that only eligible and responsible applicants, participants and owners are part of the Program.

Applicants are rejected for serious criminal and drug related activity, applicants can also be denied a Housing Choice Voucher if there are monies owed to the KHA or another Housing Authority in connection with their Section 8 or Public Housing Programs. In these cases, an applicant is advised to repay or enter into a repayment agreement with the Housing Authority involved. Upon satisfaction of the debt, the applicant will then be eligible for participation in the Program. Applicants evicted from any federal Housing Program are denied assistance for a period of five (5) years.

Once an applicant is on the program, there are numerous programs available to track income information. KHA receives information directly from other agencies regarding income such as: employment, unemployment, social security, child support, TANF. In the event a participant has failed to report income, participants are given an opportunity to the repay KHA.

The KHA has upgraded Federal Housing Quality Standards to better reflect community standards, including but not limited to standards for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heating and electrical requirements and poor housekeeping.

All owners are required to submit specific documents to verify ownership, such as: deed, proof of insurance, etc.

For more info or program assistance please email: Diana Albino